The Great Divide

The Great Divide

A Great Divide is forming between yourself and those you have been close with (including family members) OR those you associate with OR for even for a few, your intimate partner, imagined, longed for or even realised in physicality.

As you become more and more aware that you exist in the larger sphere of your consciousness as Soul Being in a Spiritual Reality (higher frequencies), you are experiencing a human physical life (3D consciousness). As such you become more and more Self-Responsible.

You become highly sensitive and attuned when others are NOT on the same page as you…

While you may be evolving at an accelerated rate, others close to you may well not be and there is NO judgement here.

We are all at different levels of Consciousness… This is just how it is.

Those who choose to keep operating only on the 3D level, probably won’t notice much of a difference in everyday life… YOU are the one who has chosen to see life from Soul Being consciousness and who may NO longer resonate with those close.

The passing through the Heaven’s Gate requires the complete surrender of personality self, unto the sovereignty of Soul Being that You ARE ,fused and infuse within your Heart (Descension).

Your Consciousness becomes One Being “residing as it were in Both Field and Form.

In this “New Earth Template” we naturally turn away from what doesn’t resonate and towards that which does.


In this final move through the Heavens Gate EVERYONE no matter who you are must pass a FINAL TEST of Passing.

I cannot , nor will not tell you what it is. You will know it when it is your time and it will be unique and very Private for you.

I can tell you however that you will be seeing some very Bazaar, controlling, and even threatening behaviours. You will see somehow clearly the flashes of (the dark agenda). You will be challenged and “tempted”.

Can you stand ALONE, keep your PEACE, know your LOVE deep within you, treasure and protect your innate and mighty INNOCENCE, and maintain your gaze on the fulfilment of your deepest longing.

The Ultimate Choice.

How prepared are you to make it?


I So Love You


Nicky Hamid.

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