All is well in all creation.

All is well in all creation.
I know that so many of you are at present experiencing various sinus, throat, and skin symptoms, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, sensitivities to light and sound, aches and pains and even accidents that give temporary debilitating experiences. And simultaneously you are experiencing increased feeling of lovingness and calm and underneath and stillness.
Stay the course dear friends, stay the course.
Just love your body, trust it and care for it.
You are activating more Light in your body as you own your Lovingness.
The Soul Being that you are is coming more into your body and as it does that which is not of your truth has to leave. Your amazing body first shows you in these symptoms that shadow is now has to making room for more of You.
There is much that your body must do for this grande transformation. All it needs is your love and trust.
Allow yourself to do nothing whenever you can. Sometimes it is like being in ‘ no man’s land” and others like in “never, never land”. But it is all good. The Law of your own Unfolding, and all you are being required to do is watch, be in love, and allow it.
To become fully conscious of it All, this IS waking up. Each night you are transforming and exploring the Universe of your knowing. Reining in the various fractured parts of your psyche, becoming truly whole again. And when you wake take your joy and gratitude with you into your day, allowing the events and experiences to unfold in their perfect way.
Be content, dear brothers and sisters, be content.
All is well in all Creation. Shine On.
I So Love You
PS And try not to make a big deal out of all these physical changes. Interpreting them, linking them to significant past events, “clearing” past lives or traumas. It may be true but do you really need to have them repeat or linger longer than is needed in these old belief loops.
If you are meant to know it will pop up just like the body event, by itself. And do you have to keep discussing all your symptoms with others. If you must share then share the epiphanies of your transformation and the profoundness of your Intelligent Body Blueprint.
Let it go and let your amazing body do the rest. Why is it appearing? Purely and simply BECAUSE IT IS LEAVING. Say to your body often with all your feeling, “Thankyou. Thankyou, I So Love You. Show me what you need, I am listening.”
Nicky Hamid.
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