And so you can shine.

And so you can shine.
Today is a further opening the “Lion’s Gate”. 
I Gift You with the Remembering of the Lion within You and the Maiden who leads Him.
As you stop here for a moment and feel the love that is Shining, just know that it is in Your Heart. It is the Love of YOU. And as you have come it is your love that resonates with all of us who have come. And from this point in this momemt it has created a great expanding Glow that is palpable, that you feel, that touches you and you expand for the call is within and the call is without, they are One and the same song. 
And in your sharing on your own wall, or in your own way, you carry OUR love and joy, and Yours, for they are the One Sacred Heart sound of HUMan in Truth. 
And thus “You (We) are the Light of the World”. 
And so in this expression I Am, I may provide the words, and though I so Love you, it is Your love that you take your knowing from. It is the point that you are that is the focus of the outpouring. A point of light within the Mind of God. 
And so, I so honour you for the courage to be You, to be here, now, and own the love that you are above all else. 
Thankyou, thankyou thankyou for your lovingness. 
Shine sweet brothers and sisters, Shine.
I So Love You 
PS And so can you Shine? Can you find the courage to be you whereever you are? Unafraid to be you. Unafraid to look in anyone in the eyes, smile, and feel your love for them and know that there is a light there smiling right back at you regardless of appearances. The courage to be unabashed in who you are. To Open Your Heart and simply be More of Who You ARE.
Nicky Hamid.
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