Bridge to ascention.

Bridge to ascention.
Many have been experiencing exhaustion, mental tiredness, sadness, and recurring feelings of not being able to tolerate anything but short spells of exposure to the dramas of others. 
It is very easy for us to be quickly drawn into feelings of being adrift in a sea of niggles and discomfort, in the myriad of forms these can take. 
Are you and even your partner or best friend often not seeing eye to eye? But wait a minute. 
Let me remind you of the requests you have made.
Didn’t you ask to be cleared of all the dross of the 3D? 
Didn’t you ask to be free? 
Didn’t you ask to be clear, centred, and feel your Loving Presence? 
Well think about it. You are in the middle of a great vortex of change. Everything is coming to the surface to be cleansed, everything is being drawn inexorably into the whirlpool, the melting pot to be energised and revitalised, transformed and uplifted. You cannot stop it. 
So do not try to solve anything. 
When it becomes chaotic, when your head spins, you feel sick and off balance STOP. 
Step back into yourself regardless of what is going on in that moment. And if you can, step away. Go to your centre, take a breath, and let it all go no matter what is trying to gain your attention. Stay with this for as long as you can. Give little or no energy to the outer conditions and then move on to the next thing, the next moment of your journey. 
Visualise that you are in the centre of the Galaxy and you are the Great Central Sun. You are filling from the head down, with Brilliant Golden Light. See the spiralling lights extending beyond and around you as they turn at speed. Each point of light is an external condition, a point of information, and there you are in the centre, Perfectly Still, as everything about you is moving, is flowing, is expanding. 
All is well, all is in order. You have to be good with all this because the waves of energy (Love in fact ) are not going to let up. But if you can be in centre then you will be gaining strength, and trust, and unshakable knowing that ALL IS WELL that comes from deep inside your Being. 
It is a crazy world we bought into and that craziness has to play itself out in All minds. 
Stay the course. 
And where you can, quietly Shine and Smile .
I So Love You 
Nicky Hamid.
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