Wat doet het hoger hart chakra voor ons.

Wat doet het hoger hart chakra voor ons.
The Emergence & Activation of the High Heart Chakra ~ 
The high heart chakra, or what a lot of people are calling the thymus chakra given its proximity to the thymus, is an energy center that has existed in your energetic body and is now being pulled in and activated in your physical body. It is capable of producing in you an even greater and deeper experience of love. The activation of this chakra in the physical body is causing some to experience symptoms of chest congestion, difficulty breathing (as it affects the lungs), heart palpitations or fluttering, or a feeling of heaviness in the chest. These are all natural symptoms in response to your body’s adjustment to this new chakra in the physical system. The presence of the high heart chakra does not negate the function of the heart chakra, which is designed to maintain experiences and expressions of love—self-love and love in relationships. The high heart, however, is what allows you to pull in an experience of love that transcends your previous experiences of love.
The high heart chakra is your connection to all things and correlates to Divine Love. It is a direct channel to all around you—your environment, the energies around you, your connection to the higher realms, etc. It is now functioning within the physical body where previously it was etheric. What this means is that it is pulling in to your conscious awareness and everyday life the experiences of more connectivity. Heightened levels of sensitivity and perception, higher levels of awareness of your connection to divine Source—this is all felt through this chakra. Physically, it correlates to the pituitary gland, which regulates your nervous system’s ability to pull in and assimilate information at a “higher level”. You are now able to experience a wider range of energy and connectivity and this is all regulated by the high heart. As a space of your divine connection to all things and the divine Source itself, it produces a deeper sense of love and well-being and an awareness of your deeper connection to all things. In short, this chakra brings you into closer alignment with your Higher Self and allows the ability to feel a more connected and powerful sense of Divine Love.
This differs from the heart chakra in that the heart chakra is responsible for your feelings of love—for the self and others—but not at such a deep level as the high heart. Your heart chakra closely aligns with feelings about your self—perceptions about yourself—which is all closely linked to the third chakra. Physically speaking, blocks in the energy of the heart chakra (blocks to feeling love) will affect the heart, lungs, ribs, and in some cases the vertebrae. This chakra is based more on learning to unconditionally love the self—which extends to loving others (when you can truly love the self, you can unconditionally love others). The high heart by contrast, has a farther reach, connecting you to all around you, and allowing you a deeper understanding of your Divine connection to all things. It is responsible for allowing you an even deeper sense of love than the heart chakra; it allows you more of an experience of Divine Love and the capability to see the divine in all things and thereby feel that love for all things, including the self. This high heart chakra is now opening you to an even deeper experience and expression of love—one that moves beyond the heart chakra. With the development of this high heart chakra comes a deeper capability to know yourself (and others) as divine beings, and to recognize all as an interconnected part of the Whole.
Source : http://innerchangemag.com/articles/emergence-activation-high-heart-chakra/
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