Getting unstuck.

Getting unstuck.
On Getting Unstuck.
The hardest thing is to just BE.
As long as we look back over our shoulder at things in the old way we will see them in their “stuckness”.
The New energy is entirely, totally benevolent, free flowing, life giving, and entirely synchronous in all its miraculous manifestations. It cannot be controlled for it just IS. It is the field of who you are.
Step into it and you will see.
Neither I, nor anyone else can convince you, only your movement, letting go into the Love that you ARE, will do that.
I love who I am and I cannot help but love You.
Here is one thing that is so GOOD it has to be TRUE.
The pure delight in the uncluttered Love of Being You.
Shine On
I So Love You
Nicky Hamid.
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