Heilige adem.

Heilige adem.
Sacred Breath 
You are love incarnate. It was your love that brought you here. Your love that fashioned from the stars the magnificent community of cell consciousnesses that make up your body. 
It is your love that holds it here and it will be your love that lets it dissolve again when you are completed. 
If you want to serve then all you need to do is breathe consciously. Every breath you take with awareness is a breath of love and it feeds into the consciousness grid of us all. 
It is through Your Holy conscious breath that You and thus Humanity will wake up. 
Every single conscious breath counts. 
So whenever you have nothing better to do breathe your love for you, breathe your love for me, and breathe your Love for All. 
Shine On Radiant Beings 
I So Love You.
Nicky Hamid.
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