In grace of your own power

In grace of your own power
Do you feel compassion for yourself?
Can you see everything you have been through, all your personal suffering and pain, with honour and great love for the Being that you are?
Have you come to understand the pain that you have experienced, and are now allowing it to move through you with deep forgiveness for it all, but mostly for yourself?
That you did nothing wrong and that there is no one to blame?
Your forgiveness is an act of self-empowerment because it frees you from the past and the judgements of self and others.
And you will find ultimately that there is nothing to forgive, because it has all contributed to making you who you ARE and revealing to you All You Can Be..
Even with all your perceived shortcomings, and scars, the only way to proceed is with Love and Compassion for your whole Self.
When you get to the place of self-acceptance and non resistance you get to the place where you are able to create the life you want because you are no longer giving your energy away to the past. Nor filtering your experience through a sense of fear, lack, unsafeness, and unworthiness.
You are who you have always intended yourself to be.
It is from this place that you can move forward in Grace of your own Power, Knowing and Compassion.
You came to be the Greatness of your Love, your Innocence and Curiosity, and your Knowing, and thus be Magnificent for us all.
And you find this Greatness in Being “at Home” with All that You ARE.
Shine One Compassionate HUman BEING.
I So Love You.
Nicky Hamid.
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