Never single, never alone

Never single, never alone


No, you are not ‘single’.
No, you are not ‘without love’.

Not even for a moment of your life.

Surrounded by people, or when alone, you are one with the stars now, and the mud, and all the lonely creatures of the earth. Your feet are in contact with the sacred ground, and your mind expands into infinity and endless night, and the sunlight warms you, and the sounds of the day tickle your awareness, moment by moment.

And the feelings! The numbness and the ecstasy. The boredom and the gratitude. The joy and the sorrow of existence. All of this moves through you today, if you allow it to.

Feelings of loneliness and connection. Feelings of closeness and separation.

Don’t tell me you are divided from life.
Don’t tell me you are “missing” something.

Look deep inside.
You are so fucking whole
even when you feel separate.
You are so complete,
even in your longing for completeness.

You are partnered with God.
Married to the Universe.

In a relationship, or out of one,
after a break up,
or in the space between heartbreaks,
or heartbeats, be related to the stars,
the moon and the vast mountains,
the breath and the longing.

And you will be with your Beloved.
Held in life’s Womb.
Singular and majestic, original and whole.

Nothing to fear. Nothing to fear.

– Jeff Foster

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