Personal power.

Personal power.

We are entering into the time of collective personal power where we are no longer listening to or picking up others pain messages. We are instead charting our own courses.
Where we are not allowing another’s behavior to offend or define who we are. We are defining ourselves by our own choices independent of anothers behavior towards us.

We are not allowing the external atmosphere to give us the messages of who we are, instead we are taking direction from our own inner world.
We are not allowing pain to dictate our response nor define our character. We are not allowing our wounded selves to decide how we conduct ourselves instead it comes from our own measure of our own character.

If someone is unkind we show kindness. If someone is judgmental we show understanding changing the atmosphere with every heart centered response rippling out to the greater collective. Every ripple gives us opportunities to now meet each other at a different location.

We are collectively starting to feel strong enough to stand alone so we can finally stand together. Only in separating authentically with heart and finding our own unique voices and celebrating them can we successfully merge back into a collective pool of authentic consciousness.-


Terri Morehu

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