Play with frequency?

Play with frequency?

On emotions with any interaction with others in the immediate or long term “past”.

If you no longer give energy to the self judgement or judgement of others involved and you are aligned with appreciation for the knowing then what else is there to learn from it, why else would you wish to maintain it as your reality.

Sure, there may be situations or people who remind you of your experiences but these are merely opportunities to strengthen the transformation you are making, strengthen the knowing of who you are, being your Lovingness. 
I see it that we came here to experience the third density which became one of forgetting our connection. 
"Darkness " is the experience of isolation in the illusion of separation. It is merely a place to bring inner “Light” to. And we had to find our way back by our Selves, of our own free will. Yes, and to protect ourselves from the fear of isolation, we shut ourselves off from facing the unknown (the places yet to be lit). 
We cut our feelings off and became numb, or develop an anger, then hate that wanted to strike out at the world or sought “fair play from others.

Feelings and emotions are an essential part of the human experience. The locus of any of our feelings is what we are learning to handle. When they are initiated through impulses directed from memories of the past hurts and fears and manipulated by our thoughts, they lead to experiences of disharmony. These feelings generally come from the solar plexus triggered by our thoughts.
They are brought up as beautiful gifts from our body in the form of visceral experiences of emotional movement and/or physical pain.
 When they are breathed up to be centred in the Heartmind they lead to the experience of love and joy. 
What people find so hard to get is that it is a matter of choice. The difficulty is that we have been so attached to our dramas and can't, no …won't let them go. So it is simply a matter of deciding when you are really going to let go of the whole crazy drama you have concocted. To grow up and Lighten up. 
Light and dark are not quantities. They are attributes that describe a duality. Light on …. Light off…. Does "light off" mean no light or the potential for light to be on? Could so called "negative" simply be the opportunity for you the bring light of your consciousness to bare on it? 
When light is on all the time where is the "darkness"? 
(It is contained within the Light as potential and essential) 
Your emotions, whatever they are, are beautiful expressions of your humanness and if you do not put a story on them they lead you, moment to moment, to your Truth of being Divinely Human. 
Do not fight them, embrace them and with thanks, let them point you to your growing, most Precious Presence.
 Maybe you have come here just to enjoy the experience and basically Play with frequency?
 Shine On

I So Love You.


PS I have emotions and/or pain, but I am not my emotions or pain, I am so much, much more. Indefinable, Ineffable, Inexpressible. I can remain in awareness of all this Flowing without any definitions. It all just IS and always I AM.

Emotions rise and fall and still I AM.

That All Flows out from this Awareness, I AM, and Flows back into I AM.


Nicky Hamid.


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