So many are feeling and sharing of their woes, lack and hurts in relationship. Whether it is with a current partner, an ex, a so called friend, family, or co-worker.
Stop being a victim. Stop allowing anybody from making you feel you need to be any way or do anything that you do not choose to do, nor expecting them to change in order for you to be happy.

You are choosing to be hurt by this person.
That is what is happening, and as long as you are that way you will go from person to person and you will be subject to their suggestions of your experience.
I tell you, that you are the Master of your experience. and for you to choose Joy is your choice, no matter what is going on around you.
Then you “teach” Joy to other people.
At the moment you are teaching to that other person the dominant fear based power they have over you by constantly telling them “You are hurting me”. You are giving your power away to this person no matter who they are.
Get empowered. Create Joy for your own self. You are the one that will change your experience, not that other person. Don’t give them that power. It is not theirs, they have their own, it is Yours.
Be Joy and Happiness. And when you do that you attract Joy and Happiness into your life. Which means either you will help to shift the energy of this other person thru your own shift, or this person may move out of your life and your door will be open to all the Happiness and Joy based people. In either case it will be a more fulfilling and a higher frequency based experience for you.
Give no energy into how you could control another person or get them to give to you what you think you need.
What I am saying is all about how to be the creator of your experience.
You are from Source Precious Soul, and it is You who creates what you experience not anyone else. You are creating it by choosing your thoughts and your reactions.
And in me saying you are a ‘Victim” there is no judgement here. You are so Loved whatever and you always have a choice so whatever you are experiencing, “it serves you right”.
To continue to play powerless and persecuting yourself or to rise up and be willing to create and generate the thoughts and feelings that will attract circumstances that bring you successive increments of the experience of Joy and Happiness.
No one can do it for you. No Twin Soul or Soul Mate.
It begins with you.

I So Love You
There is also the beautiful HUman desire for intimacy. And this is another entirely different matter from this misguided seeking and expectation that there is someone who can complete you. Someone whose presence will initiate and maintain your experience of Joy and Happiness.


Nicky Hamid.

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