Shine on.

Shine on.
Given the recent killings in Los Vegas ,while it is natural to feel the pain and anguish of those involved. The fact that we are all becoming more in tune with the waves of collective feeling, our truly compassionate nature makes it so.
However, WE are learning not to drop into our sympathy which identifies with individual trauma and the reliving of our own victimhood.
Does there always have to be a reason for these world events? Does there always have to be a problem and a solution? Could it be that the end game is playing itself out into the chaos which is the melting pot for our possible futures?
Knowing all the reasons is just the mind calling us to play an old game. Refuse to let fear and doubt take you out of your trust and heart knowing.
It is through the Heart that we are coming to really know the unifying nature of it all. And you will begin to smile at everything and have ready always your loving embrace.
So if you really want to do something, Love You. Then Love all the people involved in any event and see the truth that can possibly come from such happenings, the wider more far reaching and empowering implications. See the laying down of arms and the coming together of all peoples no matter who they are.
Let us love all the players as we unite and watch the magic work. Watch how the final act plays itself out quite quickly and how the stillness held by our love arises again.
Each time you will notice the change comes quicker and the stillness after the storm grows stronger. Your awareness goes deeper and spreads wider and you not only embrace the familiar but begin to see the new, the different and the unexpected revelations in the multiverse.
Shine On
I So Love You.
Nicky Hamid.
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