Take off the mask.

Take off the mask.
You've got to show yourself, friend.
Take the risk of showing yourself.
Don't hide behind a mask.
Because then nobody will ever know
the real you.
Nobody will be able to love you.
They will 'love' your mask instead.
Your appearance, your role, your words,
your carefully crafted 'personality'.
And you will always feel lonely,
even if you have great success,
and great popularity, and do great works.
The mask, which you originally created 
to protect yourself, and stay safe,
and win love, and influence others,
will end up actually blocking love,
and will push away others,
and will suffocate you in time.
Take off the mask, friend.
Let your doubt, your vulnerability, 
your fears, even your anger, be seen.
Speak your truth. 
Share your tender heart. 
Ask for help when you need it.
Offer your listening. 
Not your answers.
Take the risk of really being known.
Take the risk of letting love in.
– Jeff Foster
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