The eye of happiness.

The eye of happiness.
You cannot attain happiness, 
for happiness is the absence 
of the seeker of it. 
Terrible news for the false self. 
Wonderful news for you.
Happiness is rest.
Happiness is presence.
Happiness is a divine Nothing. 
It is a seeing, not a doing. 
No future required. 
No path required. 
No time required at all. 
No special techniques, practices, mantras will get you there.
Because you cannot get there.
Because there is no 'there'. 
Because there is here. 
Right HERE. 
All you require is a willingness 
to turn your attention towards 
the only thing there ever is:
And let the conceptual world fall away.
And let the old dreams fall away. 
And let yourself tumble into a sacred aloneness. 
And begin again. 
Like a child…
Like the first awe-struck being…
Like a Universe witnessing itself…
You cannot attain happiness, 
for happiness is never an attainment.
It is a world seen 
through grateful, innocent eyes. 
And it has nothing to do with your concept of 'happiness'. 
And it lasts only a moment, and an eternity. 
Nothing can make you happy 
except Nothing. 
And that's the best news of all. 
– Jeff Foster
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