The pressure is upon you.

The pressure is upon you.
Yes the “pressure “of the ages is upon you, the unremitting energetic of change. Yes your body is being bombarded from within and without, your emotions are mixed and rise and fall with the slightest provocation, or with no apparent cause whatsoever. Your mind is one minute “blank” and the next “racing”, and the doubts of whether thoughts are yours or not, and no clear definition of where they belong or whether they belong at all.
And your identity, who you thought you were does not “fit” any longer and all the things that gave you a sense of “goodness of fit” no longer have much lasting draw power.
Without clinging to this let me say that you are experiencing the ebb and flow of two energetic systems within you. The familiar dualistic electro/ magnetic energy of the body and the incoming/outpouring reality of the luminous field, Your luminous field. And this “New” energetic” in and through your body and the change for the body, mind and emotions to assimilate is Huge. No wonder you get tired and need plenty of rest.
A totally different way of perceiving and experiencing and playing with energy, frequencies, and creation. All that was can no longer be, in a body that can vibrate in luminosity while holding the electro/magnetics in entire balance. Enough said for this moment.
Something profound and Awesome is happening. The more you let go, the more the feeling of great stillness and yet power in the Presence of All That Is around you. The chaos actually has contained within it the reality that “All is well.”
Be still. Watch, Listen and REMEMBER.
Wherever you feel you are or are not, You are on trajectory sweet Souls.
Give up the quest. The search is over.
Your enlightenment is Here and unfolding in every loving breath you take. Ascension it not a goal. It is a forgone outcome if you have chosen it. Since you are already a perfect aspect of Source what do you need to strive for? You are perfect as you are. You have always been and always will be perfect as you are NOW.
Surrender to the playing out of You. To the discovery of new and returning joys of self-expression. Enter into yourself totally.
Let IT be. Let You BE.
No more strive and free to thrive.
Be still dear Hearts.
I So Love YOU
Nicky Hamid.


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