When we give……

When we give……
When we give with a need to receive we set ourselves up for disappointment. And "need’ to get back from another" reflects the lack of self-love and a sense of unworthiness. And as we begin to drop this emotional need we begin to drop our expectations of how others should be and see them more truly, sooner. 
Then we stop doing for others just to make them happy or approve of us or to fulfill our needs, and start ensuring that we are happy first. 
When I am happy with myself it becomes very easy to open to the gifts that life and other people bring. This happens in unexpected and delightfully surprising ways. It happens often in very small ways that were always there but we did not have the eyes to see them because we were blinded by our need to "get back". 
If I give, I give because it makes me happy. Whether another acknowledges the receipt or not it makes no difference to my pleasure in that moment. There maybe a genuine recognition later and that is a bonus. 
So perhaps we could say that "give and take" is not the best basis for relationship. 
Give and receive is much better. And if I give to you and you just keep taking you will not be seeing the truth of my gift and that will be about you, not me.
And if I keep giving wanting to receive your acknowledgement of me but you cannot "see" because you are "self-engrossed" then for me to keep "giving" my "gift" is like throwing my self worth away. 
You know, we get signals all the time of how others are willing or not to receive very early in our meetings with them. Decide what you are prepared to give based on your feelings of your own empowerment not on your need for another to show you what a wonderful person you are. 
We all want to be loved, appreciated, and truly acknowledged. It is at the base of human nature. And it will happen for us all as we move further and further into Unity Consciousness and we meet and start to live with our huge Soul Family. 
And in the meantime we are each learning to take our own power and above all truly Love being who we are and experiencing the power of our own Heartfelt loving. 
Discernment and clarity are big keys. 
Learn to give first to yourself, to give yourself the gifts of freedom and self-expression, of love and total respect, of connection and gratitude for that connection. Then you will see much clearer to be able to give to others without reacting and with some expectation of your rights, and the need to “take”. 
In other words you will be more open to receive the gifts hidden in everything that happens to you. And you will be able to see the amazing beauty of the whole conversation that the Universe (reflected through the events that are happening to you) is having with you. You will be open to Receiving rather than “taking” (or ‘making it happen). 
Finally, as you do all this you stop experiencing betrayal because your actions are not based on the other’s response but on you creating the feelings you wish to experience. 
In doing this you get very quick at discerning what to give others. You especially get to know, through your honesty and your heart knowing, when it is time to back off (with a loving smile, at least to yourself), and to perhaps move on. You learn not to give less but to expect only what another is willing to give freely and unsought, and waste no more time with unreal expectations of the other being there to fulfill your needs. To be in nonjudgement and in acceptance of what is. 
Love yourself sweet Masters, and then it not only becomes easy to love others but you will attract those who are also learning to be at home with themselves. They come because they recognise the you are the living embodiment of their inner desire. And thus you will be served with ones who are open to love you.
I So Love You 
(And it brings me great joy no matter what you may think of me, or say about me.) **************************************** 
PS. Betrayal = to BE served back on a fine silver TRAY, AL the energy that you gave away through need……… Are you willing to receive it?…………Hmmmmmm? 
And I know what I would do. I would say. “Thankyou Thankyou. Now I know. And gladly receive back those gifts and enjoy them for myself. Thankyou, I Love You”…….And I would walk away into the sunset. And maybe I would come again but this time I would be with more of me.
This is coupled first with the recognition of the frequency of Love and then with non resistance to the frequency of Love.
There is a space where you learn to witness your emotions without judging them, trying to rationalise them, push them away, or ignoring them. All emotion fear, or anger or whatever will move back to Love if we can embrace, watch and allow them to be just as they are. They all want to return to Love.
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