With the faeries.

With the faeries.
And my friend, the littlest faerie, comes to me, sits on my shoulder, and in her ephemeral trill talks to me and shows me the magic. She sings of the spirals in the tree branches, in the flowers, in the seeds. She shows me how they mimic the dance of DNA. She points to the sounds of creation through a spiralled sea shell and speaks of turning full circle.
How we humans came to Earth when She was very new, and in ‘cooling’ with Her, we gradually and magically changed our skins (outer frequency) to be in synch with Her. How we invited from our worlds in the stars, various other life expressions and how together with these elementals we fashioned our world.
How joyful all the faerie folk are that we have come full circle and are joining together now in these times, in outer expression once again. We are bringing back our creative magic and she sings to me the reminders.
And in turn I took her into my ‘world’, through mandala portals, to the ‘diamond palace’, to space cities, and to the exquisite forest lake of my ancient ‘Home’.
And as a farewell word she says
“Tell them We are here now”
We So Love You
Nicky Hamid.


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