When “No” feels “Yes” because it is.
When you are listening to your heart and making choices, whatever they may be, there are many occasions at first when you are required to say quite emphatically “NO” to another, either outwardly or inwardly.
Frequent “Nos” to thoughts that are of the “old” reality, the 3D, the unkind lies you have been telling yourself, and the myriad ways the 3D reality has planted seeds of separation and judgement “within” you.
You are continually being presented with situations, circumstances, and others who are challenging you to make the choice of your Heart Knowing.
So in your “High Heart” (between your heart and your chin) you get this “NO way, this is not for me”. And if you are listening and take your courage to respond accordingly then you always find that the experience is empowering and heightens your “frequency of being”, as it were.
The experience is not at all “negative” it is strengthening, invigorating and loving.
You make shifts to peace, clear, focussed, strong and magical.
It is a “No” that is a “YES” to and for YOU.
And don’t you realised that in every choice for your truth, in the “NO” that you make, your Lovingness of You and All That Is expands.
You move from limitation and separation to possibility and connectedness.
So where You are concerned, and where the Universe is concerned there is only “YES”.
Ah, once again, the beautiful paradox in nonduality, and reality turned inside out and “up a level” in Knowing and Being.

I So Love You
Just like the UNIVERSE (SOURCE) can only say “YES” to whatever you choose to think. And brings you more of it so that you really Know how much you are ADORED.

“NO…..Not any more…. Not on my watch…….. And I So Love who I AM …….yes…..Yes…..YES”

Nicky Hamid.

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