Energie shifts of the coming period.

Energie shifts of the coming period.

As we entered September, those of us who are energetically sensitive could feel the energies shift, we could feel the new energetic downloads and DNA upgrades occurring. These can at times be subtle and other times feel like a tidal wave of confusion and exhaustion.

The last three days, was such a wave with the energies breaking this morning.

I was guided to surrender to the process, to allow it to unfold and sit with it. This often leads to times that I am home bound due to the overwhelming sensitivities and distorted energies from the outside world.

In the process of sitting with it, I began to notice a pattern. The energies would begin to open up, moving through primarily my nervous system. I could feel the increase in vibration, which in turn moved into a full body vibration. There were waves of nausea, expansion and altered states of consciousness, the physical body feeling hot flashes, followed by coldness. My third eye and heart expanded and pulsating, a nervousness moved through my body, as my nervous system was feeling overwhelmed. The wave would begin to subside and extreme exhaustion would flood my awareness. I would allow myself to fall asleep, to drift into a very expanded dream state of feeling like I was being prepared, that there was a lot to do in a short period of time. Upon awakening, feeling the jest of the dreams but not being able to fully recall any details. Feeling expanded and in an alternate state of awareness. Unable to drive or utilize heavy equipment during this time. Then it would subside and I would be back to normal for an hour or two, before the cycle repeated. The cycle ended as I began to run a low grade fever, transmuting all that wasn’t resonating to the new energies and downloads.

After speaking with others and meditating upon this, it became very clear that this was not just a personal experience. That these waves will continue to unfold through all the light workers, healers & star seeds on a rotational schedule through out the month. Not all of us will be on the same schedule or wave, but taking turns while others are acclimating and recovering from previous waves.

There is an overwhelming sense that things are going shift in a big way before the end of this year, individually and collectively. We are being prepared to hold the space for humanity when this shift takes place.

We are gathering all our wisdom, knowledge and gifts. We are integrating more of who we are. We are being challenged to let go, surrender and trust within our own divinity.

We are experiencing expanded awareness and having to be in the moment, how to clear, cleanse and manage our energy. We are being taught how to discern and what resonates with our heart and our soul, all in preparation to understand our individual purpose and our soul intentions.

We are in the process of preparing and remembering. We are the alchemist of transmuting darkness into light, suppression into liberation, fear and limitation into love and potential.

We are gathering all that we are, we are being called to our authentic soul groups and divine families. We are being called to our true divine missions and highest potential, in service for the highest good of all.

Choose Love ~♥~ Live Consciously


Diane Finn.

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