I closed the book.

I closed the book.
I closed the book of “Spirituality”
there is nothing more for me to read
nor anything more to learn.
I closed the book on the “New Age”
although it was new
I have moved beyond that now.
I closed the book of “Witchcraft”
there are no more spells for me to conjure
no more brews for me to stir.
I closed the book of “Healing”
for I know myself as whole and complete
as a pure expression of my GodSelf.
I closed the book of “Alchemy”
for I have already been transformed
from carbon into crystalline.
I honor these books now set aside
for they have guided me
to awaken to all of Who I Am.
I now delight in
the “Book of my Soul”
written by my own hand.
The “Book of my Soul”
filled with the Wisdom 
distilled from all the experiences 
I have lived as a human
and. . .
the essence of All of Who I Am
as a sovereign being who continues
to expand my consciousness.
It is with the “Book of my Soul” 
tucked into the pocket of my heart
that I now live life with ease and grace
creating life anew with the joyfulness of a child.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
"message from my inner wisdom"
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