Invocation to my heart.

Invocation to my heart.

I Invoke the opening of my heart.
 I ask that my Higher Self descend down upon
 me and lift me into the Field of Heart where Love
is nestled. Transport me to the Secrets of the
 Heart, the Expansion of the Heart, and the
 Wisdom that lies there in.

Let me be on who moves from the Heart
and speaks from the Heart. Who listen from the 
Heart, and who reaches toward Heaven from the 
 O Heart, open to me! Teach me your ways!
 Hold my attention. Be my Peace. Help me to sit 
and dwell within you. Be the comfort zone that I
 require. Be the safety net for me in a world that
 can seem chaotic.

O Heart, flood my entire being and color my 
flesh with the shimmer of your glow. Flow into
 my body, into my hair, into my eyes, into my
 skin and organs. Circulate into the Heart and 
center of each cell. This is my prayer, for my 
Heart is a part of the Heart of God.

I seek the 
Inner Heart, the Heart that is real, the Heart 
that holds the Truth of reality.
 I ask for a quiet mind so that Heart can be
 heard as I move through my days. I ask for your
 guidance as I dwell in the silence of my meditations.
Strengthen my capacity to live a Heartcentered 
life so my actions can be bathed in Love.

Teach me your ways so that I may sing my Heart 
Song. Amen

~ From the Book Invocations to th Light by Wistancia Stone.

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