Is there something wrong?

Is there something wrong?
The only thing wrong with you is the fact that you think that there is something wrong with you. 
It really is time to fully, totally Love who and what you are. To put this first in your Life. To drop forever all the self doubts and the judgments that there is anything wrong with or in you. Every conscious breath you take Now is a Divine breath. 
To be conscious Is to be Divine and so with the inbreath you take in the Christ (Divine) Consciousness of Pure Light. On the outbreath it fills the field of you and anchors on the earth as it radiates out from you as your Shining Presence. 
It is all so simple. 
Your conscious breath of Pure Love is all that is required Now and as HUMan you play with creating from the New frequencies you consciously draw to Your center.
Shine On 
I So Love You


Nicky Hamid.

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