It’s all very simple.

It’s all very simple.
What happens when you feel blocked, stuck, in your self-expression and creative flow?
You have moved into self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear.
But when is a block or stuckness not a block or stuckness? ………..When it’s a space.
And there are always spaces between everything. Vast “spaces”. And when you move into that space between there is stillness.
And in that stillness is the potential and it is always ‘brewing’ something new. Rejoice and allow.
And when you are confused there is self-doubt and unworthiness but if you move into the “space between” everything goes into the melting pot of change, a great cosmic spiral.
And a new fractal expression of you is formed and will emerge as you move from the stillness back into the Here and Now awareness of HUman conscious self.
And solution or resolution will have occurred, naturally and with ease. Without “thought about”.
Always give yourself the time to be with Yourself………………Rejoice, get in gratitude). Don’t make more of it than it is.
Just watch, then Smile and then participate in your own joyful connection to All That Is in your world.
I So Love You
PS It is all so very, very simple.
Don’t make it anymore complicated than hand on Heart, a conscious breath, a sigh, your Smile, and a “Yes, Yes, Thankyou, Thankyou.”

Nicky Hamid.


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