You are ready to glow.

You are ready to glow.
You have totally changed.
Everything is in the process of this change
You are ready to Glow.
You only experience rough when you are trying to stay where you are, hold on, understand with your mental mind or describe with words that are no longer appropriate.
There is really nothing wrong with you AT ALL.
Everything that comes into your life, either Accept it or Let It Be. Feel this.
You are multidimensional and you are a Creator.
It is your Loving Heart, and every thought is yours to have or erase.
Why not create a dimension of your own exactly how you want it?
Why not?
I So Love You
PS. This is Big.
“Make believe’ and “Pretend” are NOT childish games. They are deep precursors of thought creation and thus manifestation. You knew this at birth and instinctively practice your skills until you were told the unkind lie that you had to get “real” and you slipped into your own version of the mass coma.
Nicky Hamid.



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