A Valentine: the gift of you.

A Valentine: the gift of you.


These things you know.
There is much cleansing that has been done. More and more people are Awakening and drawing their lines in the sand. It becomes clearer that there are personal boundaries and that their own Beings are experiencing too much input from the external World around them and thus they are learning to withdraw and define their own life.
Many will look to your light for guidance for they will sense the difference between Truth and Presence, and the old ego patterns and mindsets.
Your personal well-being matters and I “see” most of you are doing all that you can, to ensure that you have a peaceful sanctuary where you can go to recharge and rejuvenate, and align with You.
As conduits of the higher energies, much energy replacement needs to take place within your physical bodies.
Always listen to the signals your body is giving you and follow its direction.
Practice the attitude of gratitude, for it will help you so much during these intensely changing times, for the thoughts put out into the Universe is what the Universe will give back to you in your Now.
Minding (paying attention to) the thoughts you consciously choose to have is a major key to creating the World you desire to live in. Building your ‘within’ to become the ‘without’. What you constantly dwell on in your thoughts will bring the manifestation of that into your daily life very quickly in one form or another in order to meet the requirements of your creative alignment. This is especially true in the relationship to your inner feelings and events that bring you the opportunity for more of that feeling.
Your past is now irrelevant to who you are Now. That is a matter of choice because you recreate yourself in every moment. And gratitude will evolve into a constant feeling of return to joy and appreciation for All That Is. It will become the most beautiful attitude within you of the preciousness, the sacredness, and the connectedness of all Life and the Knowing that you are an essential and magnificent part of it All. And more properly It is an essential and magnificent part of YOU.
Follow the promptings of your heart, because it is your “higher” heart centre that is the most powerful and active of all the ‘chakras’ in your four ‘lower’ body frequencies at this time of change.
The force of Love you are gathers momentum to create miracles of transformation within your body at all levels of your Being.
The ups and downs you have been experiencing in energy levels and within your emotions is an indication that your heart centre is becoming wide open and this increases the feeling of vulnerability within you, for in the past you have learned to protect your heart in order to shield it from the pain of rejection, betrayal, sadness, deception and separation.
This is no longer necessary and in fact creates much “diseasness”.
Your task is to move beyond the fear, the mind rationalizations and the reaction games and let your true inner Self become manifest through becoming your own Guiding Light as you go about your daily life, and hold great FAITH that as you become more conscious of it you are always surrounded and infused with Love, protection and guidance in all facets of your lives. Create this knowing and ground it in your life by speaking it out loud to yourself (In the beginning was the Word.).
Remember we are all in this together and when you go down there are always others of us right beside you who are up and holding the space for you to gently rise again.
WE are One.

Shine On

I so love you.

Nicky Hamid.

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